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Cycas Revoluta, Sago Palm

Cycas Revoluta, Sago Palm


40cm - 45cm height / 12cm Pot

SKU: pal002
    • The Cycas revoluta, also known as the Sago Palm, is a popular ornamental plant for outdoor spaces in the UK. This plant is native to southern Japan and is known for its sturdy trunk and feathery, fern-like leaves.
    • The Cycas revoluta is a slow-growing plant that can eventually reach a height of up to 2 meters in optimal conditions. It is an ideal plant for outdoor gardens, patios, and balconies, and can also be used as a decorative accent in indoor spaces.
    • 40-45cm in height 
    • 12cm pot.
    • Cycas revoluta, commonly known as the Sago Palm, is a popular ornamental plant that can be grown outdoors in the UK. Here are some care tips for growing Cycas revoluta outdoors in the UK:
    • Light: Sago palms prefer bright, indirect light. In the UK, it's best to place them in a location with plenty of sun exposure, such as a south-facing patio or garden.

    • Soil: These plants prefer well-draining soil that is slightly acidic. You can use a mixture of peat moss, sand, and perlite to create a suitable soil mix for your Cycas revoluta.

    • Watering: Sago palms are drought-tolerant and prefer to dry out slightly between waterings. Water them deeply but infrequently, allowing the soil to dry out to a depth of one to two inches between waterings.

    • Fertilizer: These plants do not require frequent fertilization, but you can feed them with a slow-release, balanced fertilizer during the growing season to promote healthy growth.

    • Pruning: Remove any yellow or brown fronds as soon as they appear. This will help prevent the spread of disease and promote healthy growth.

    • Winter care: In the UK, sago palms may require winter protection to survive the cold temperatures. You can wrap the plant in frost cloth or bring it indoors if temperatures drop below freezing.

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